The School

The Clare School educates and cares for 94 pupils from Norfolk and Suffolk who have additional needs. All of their pupils have a physical disability and/or sensory impairment. Many have a combination of needs (co0mplex needs) and they have a specialist status in this area.

These children spend their waking lives in wheelchairs and have limited movement or control over their bodies. This means that they cannot exercise naturally and as a result do not develop co-ordination of muscle tone. These pupils are also vulnerable to sores and joint pain.Swimmer 1


Modern special schools like this are built with a hydro pool, but the Clare School was built in 1928 so does not have this essential facility.

They are however, planning to build a hydro pool and everyone connected with the school is on side wit the project.

They have their own registered charity (Care for Clare Appeal) that is working towards turning their hydro dream into reality. They do , however, have a long road ahead in raising in the order of £500,000 to build it.

Swimmer 2


  • Improved muscle strength and decreased spasm
  • Development of co-ordination
  • Independent movement
  • Raised confidence and self esteem
  • Pain relief and reduction of medication
  • Pure enjoyment

And much much more!


Our charity this year is Care For Clare. Click here for more details....